Scarlet Navels Ruby Reds & Navels
Red Navel Oranges

Scarlet Navels Ruby Reds & Navels

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Arrival Week Dec 11 - Apr 8 help
# 9NRS Taster Tray Scarlets/RGF/Nav-$39.99
# 1NRS 1 Tray Scarlets/RGF/Nav-$45.99
# 5NRS 2/5 Tray Scarlets/RGF/Nav-$54.99
# 2NRS 2 Trays Scarlets/RGF/Nav-$59.99
# 3NRS 3 Trays Scarlets/RGF/Nav-$74.99
# 4NNRS 4 Trays 12 Scarlets/8 RGF/24 Nav-$89.99
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Scarlets Ruby Reds & Navels

If you love Navel Oranges, these two are for you. Our traditional Golden Navel Oranges are paired with our vibrant Red Scarlet Navels & Ruby Reds creating a sensational red and white combo that won’t make you “blue.”  
Arrival Week Dec 11 - Apr 8


9NRS - Taster Tray 3 Scarlets/3 Red GF/3 Nav 7 lbs
1NRS - 1 Tray 4 Scarlets/3 Red GF/4 Nav 9 lbs
5NRS - 2/5 Tray 8 Scarlets/6 Red GF/8 Nav 16 lbs
2NRS - 2 Trays 6 Scarlets/8 Red GF/6 Nav 17lbs
3NRS - 3 Trays 12 Scarlets/8 Red GF/12 Nav 25 lbs
4NNRS - 4 Trays 12 Scarlets/24 Nav/8 Red GF 33 lbs

Ships UPS - No PO Boxes
Content & Weight is approximate
Photos may not depict exact package shipped (see content above)
Shipping fruit grown in Florida and other states
No shipments to Alaska or Hawaii

Canada: Shipping to all Canada Providences this season..  No Deluxe Boxes and/or Candy can be shipped into Canada.  
Canada shipments have an additional $21.00 shipping/handling surcharge per box making shipping/handling $35.99 per box for Canada Shipments.

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