Rubies - Medium Deluxe

Rubies - Medium Deluxe

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# 1DRY 1 Tray Rubies Deluxe - $49.98
# 2DRY 2 Trays Rubies Deluxe - $62.98
# 3DRY 3 Trays Rubies Deluxe - $72.98
# 4DRY 4 Trays Rubies Deluxe - $82.98
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Rubies Deluxe

They’re smaller than our premium Grapefruit and larger than a Petite Sweet, but their flavor is just as BIG. Introducing the Ruby, a sweet little package of rich, Ruby Red goodness. It’s a  perfectly-sized grapefruit for a smaller appetite. There’s a dozen of these precious juicy jewels in every box. The best little grapefruit you’ll ever eat.  Make your gift extra special with the included Deluxe gifts: two jars of genuine Florida Marmalade, and six creamy, chocolate Coconut Patties. 


1DRY - 1 Tray 12 Rubies - 9 lbs
2DRY - 2 Trays 24 Rubies - 17 lbs
3DRY - 3 Trays 36
 Rubies - 25 lbs
4DRY - 4 Trays 48 Rubies
 - 33 lbs

Ships UPS - No PO Boxes
Content & Weight is approximate
Photos may not depict exact package shipped (see content above)
Shipping fruit grown in Florida and other states
No shipments to Alaska or Hawaii

Canada: Only shipping to Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Quebec & Saskatchewan. 

Canada - No Deluxe Boxes and/or Candy can be shipped into Canada.

Canada shipments have an additional $22.00 shipping/handling surcharge per box making shipping/handling $34.99 per box for Canada Shipments.  The additional surcharge ($22.00)  may be charged separately from your original order if order is placed on our web site.

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