Navels & Mandarins Deluxe
Mandarin Oranges

Navels & Mandarins Deluxe

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# 1DKN 1 Tray Mand/Nav Deluxe - $52.98
# 2DKN 2 Trays Mand/Nav Deluxe - $65.98
# 3DKN 3 Trays Mand/Nav Deluxe - $79.98
# 4DKN 4 Trays Mand/Nav Deluxe - $89.98
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Mandarin & Navel Oranges Deluxe 

Mandarin Oranges, Sweeter and less acidic than regular Oranges, these little seedless Mandarins are plump and heavy with juice. Perfect for home or on the go. Peel off the top and roll down the thin skin and the bite-sized sections will easily separate. A real treat to eat. Mandarin Oranges, Sweeter and less acidic than regular Oranges paired with Navel OrangesMake your gift extra special with the included Deluxe gifts: two jars of genuine Florida Marmalade, and six creamy, chocolate Coconut Patties. 
Available November 15 - April 6


1DKN - 1 Tray  -  6 Mand/6 Nav Deluxe 9 lbs
2DKN - 2 Trays - 12 Mand/12 Nav Deluxe 17 lbs
3DKN - 3 Trays - 12 Mand/24 Nav Deluxe 25 lbs
4DKN - 4 Trays - 24 Mand/24 Nav Deluxe 33 lbs

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No shipments to Alaska or Hawaii

Canada: Only shipping to Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Quebec & Saskatchewan. 

Canada - No Deluxe Boxes and/or Candy can be shipped into Canada.

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