1. What are your Discounts?   Please see Discounts

2. Holiday Order Date Deadlines

Thanksgiving Order DeadlineUS States & Canada - November 8th 
Hanukkah Order Deadline: November 20th  

Christmas: - December 8th
Large Order/Christmas Deadline:  December 6th

3. What is your Guarantee?

Please also see our terms and conditions.

4. What is a tray? Gift Carton Information

5.   Shipping/Handling Charge - US - $14.99 per box for US States excluding Alaska & Hawaii
Canada Shipments - There is an $21.00 "surcharge" for each Canada box shipped making shipping/handling for each box $35.99.   (No PO Boxes-UPS delivery - Physical Address). Due to Customs in Canada we can ship ONLY FRUIT/CITRUS in your gift baskets....No Deluxes, Candy, Nuts or Chocolate.  Shipping to all Canada Providences this season.

6. Alaska or Hawaii Shipments - We do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

7. Citrus Season Varieties - 

Substitution Policy
Our intent is to send gifts as requested, but we reserve the right to make product substitutions of equal or greater value when necessary.