1. What are your Discounts?   Please see Discounts

2. Holiday Order Date Deadlines

Available December Arrival Weeks:  December 25th - Not for Christmas Delivery

Arizona, California, Louisiana & Texas (Special Point Statescannot ship on the 25th "Arrival Week".  
Next Available "Arrival Week" for these States is January 8th.

3. What is your Guarantee?

Please also see our terms and conditions.

4. What is a tray? Gift Carton Information

5.   Shipping/Handling Charge - US - $14.99 per box for US States excluding Alaska & Hawaii
Canada Shipments - There is an $21.00 "surcharge" for each Canada box shipped making shipping/handling for each box $35.99.   (No PO Boxes-UPS delivery - Physical Address). Due to Customs in Canada we can ship ONLY FRUIT/CITRUS in your gift baskets....No Deluxes, Candy, Nuts or Chocolate.  Shipping to all Canada Providences this season.

6. Alaska or Hawaii Shipments - We do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

7. Citrus Season Varieties - 

Substitution Policy
Our intent is to send gifts as requested, but we reserve the right to make product substitutions of equal or greater value when necessary.