Citrus Care

Store your citrus correctly.  Fresh Florida citrus lasts much longer if it is refrigerated or stored in a cool, dry place.  If refrigerated, oranges should be kept at 35 degrees to 50 degrees.  Grapefruit will last longer at a temperature of 45 degrees to 48 degrees.

Don't worry about the green.  Often the Florida Citrus you will see will have a greenish tint in the peel.  However, this does not mean that it is not ripe.  Florida citrus is never picked until it is perfectly ripe.  The greenish color can be caused in one of two ways.  It may happen because we have not had the warm days and cool nights the fruit needs to develop it deep orange or yellow color.   Or it may be due to a natural "regreening" process which happens in the spring when the trees blossom.  But despite the greenish skin tint, the citrus is still delicious on the inside.